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The Comedy Corner Underground - 1501 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Rana May and Shelly Paul come together to bring you an amazing monthly basement comedy party called PSSY CTRL! While we might not have a bathtub full of Bacardi, we do have a pretty cool stage and microphone for this top-notch-expeditiously-executed show. 

It's hard to say just what you'll see at PSSY CTRL, but at the very least expect candy, sketches, FUN PEOPLE, 10 second dance parties and three of the funniest women in the Twin Cities hosting the whole thing. PSSY CTRL is the name the producers chose to refer to themselves because they aren't huge fans of vowels, but they do enjoy comedy, parties, hosting shows with women, PoC, and GLBTQ performers that can make you laugh forever. 

The Comedy Corner is ever so proud to bring you this bi-hosted, sketch filled, laugh party the second Thursday of every month. Tickets are a mere $7, or FREE if you're a student!


1501 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, United States